Day 15: April 1, 2020

Today is the 15th installment of 30 days of resources for your family to use to grow together. Each of our daily activities will have the following pieces:

  • PLAY TOGETHER: An opportunity to have fun and do something together instead of watching Netflix.
  • TALK TOGETHER: Around the dinner table or just two of you sitting on the back porch, take turns asking these questions to learn more about the other.
  • ORIENT TOGETHER: In time of need we have an opportunity to renew our vision for Jesus, and pray for His work in our life and world.

We hope these resources are helpful to you as a family. Feel free to share with others as well!



This activity is not for everyone, but some families LOVE the laughs and inside jokes that come out of it. Your goal for the week: Scare a family member in the most creative and terrifying way possible. All non-harmful means are available and at the end of the week, have the family vote for the top-three frights of the week.

As an alternative, you could have an evening of hide-and-go-seek at night. Turn out all the lights. But when the seekers get close to the one hiding, the hider jumps out and scares the seeker. – Again, good for laughs! And if someone happens to pee their pants… well, lets just say you’ll be reminding future spouses of that moment for a lot of years.



Some fantastic “would you rather” questions:

Would you rather commit a terrible crime and get away with it but live in fear of being caught, or get jailed for 2 years for a crime you did not commit?

Would you rather have to eat your favorite food only for the rest of your life, or be unable to drink anything else for the rest of your life other than water?

Would you rather be the greatest music composer in the world and have no one listen to your music, or be a super famous musician but be unable to perform any of your music?

Would you rather have the ability to watch the top 5% best movies only or only be able to watch the remaining 95% of movies?

Would you rather have all your friends disappointed in you or have your family disappointed in you?

Would you rather lose the ability to read or the ability to hear music?



Read Isaiah 57:13-21

  • How are the wicked/idolators contrasted in verses 13 and 20-21 with “my people” and the “lowly in spirit” in verses 14-15? (may have to define contrite, etc.)
  • What kind of people have authority? What kind of people have influence?
  • How do you know they have authority and influence?
  • What place do they exercise authority from? (President – the oval office, social media star – a platform with 1 million followers, etc.)
  • Where does God exercise authority from? (vs. 15)
  • Is it important that God “inhabits eternity” and lives in the “high and holy place?”
  • Is it important that God also lives with repentant and humble people?
  • Why? What do these things suggest about his power/authority and his understanding/influence?
  • Since Adam and Eve’s sin, God can no longer dwell with his people without blood sacrifice. The penalty of death from disobedience has to be paid. Thanks be to God that through Jesus’ sacrifice and bloody death for us, we can enjoy God’s presence today!
  • What does it mean to you today that God sits in the place of power and authority on high?
  • What does it mean to you today that the Holy Spirit lives with you, knows you, and acts with you and for you?


Today’s Family Resource for Growing Together is written by Taylor Gordon, a youth pastor in Lexington, SC.