Day 20: April 8, 2020

Today is the 20th installment of 30 days of resources for your family to use to grow together. Each of our daily activities will have the following pieces:

  • PLAY TOGETHER: An opportunity to have fun and do something together instead of watching Netflix.
  • TALK TOGETHER: Around the dinner table or just two of you sitting on the back porch, take turns asking these questions to learn more about the other.
  • ORIENT TOGETHER: In time of need we have an opportunity to renew our vision for Jesus, and pray for His work in our life and world.

We hope these resources are helpful to you as a family. Feel free to share with others as well!




The Fishbowl Game is a fun-filled memory game that combines Charades, Password and Taboo. It is also an easy game to learn, which means children and adults can play it together. The Fishbowl Game can be played with large groups, which makes it perfect for family get- togethers. Click here for an online link with instructions.



  • If you could have any superpower, which would it be and why?
  • You wake up tomorrow morning and the virus is no more. No more social distancing and everything is open and you don’t have to work or go to school. Describe exactly what your day would look like?
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich? Why or why not?




If you had to pick your top fear created by Covid-19, what would it be? It does not have to be directly related to the virus itself.

Read Isaiah 43:1-7

Go through these seven verses and count how many times the passage has a promise from God (example: I am with you, I am the Lord, etc).

Why are these promises more comforting than if they were written to you from a coworker or a friend?

What does it seem God is using as a tag-on to his command to not fear? How can our redemption from God speak into our current fear?

Which promises in this whole passage do you find the most comforting and why?

Pray that through the power of God’s word and his spirit at work in you, he would minister to your heart and cast out all fear because of who he is and what he’s done in your life.


Today’s Family Resource for Growing Together is written by Tim Pitzer, a youth pastor in Lexington, SC.