Day 4: March 20, 2020

Today is the fourth installment of 30 days of resources for your family to use to grow together. Each of our daily activities will have the following pieces:

  • PLAY TOGETHER: An opportunity to have fun and do something together instead of watching Netflix.
  • TALK TOGETHER: Around the dinner table or just two of you sitting on the back porch, take turns asking these questions to learn more about the other.
  • ORIENT TOGETHER: In time of need we have an opportunity to renew our vision for Jesus, and pray for His work in our life and world.

We hope these resources are helpful to you as a family. Feel free to share with others as well!



Get outside! Just because we’re “socially distancing,” it doesn’t mean we need to lock ourselves in the house all day. We all need fresh air and sunshine! Go for a family walk around the neighborhood, go to a park and kick a soccer ball around, stroll the Three Rivers Greenway in downtown Columbia, or go for a hike at Fourteen Mile Creek, Peachtree Rock, Harbison State Forest, Sesquicentennial Park, or Congaree National Park if you’re more adventurous. Be sure to check for park closures before you go – many visitors centers and facilities are closed but trails are still open.



  • You’re playing a video game when your mom turns off the power and tells you to get going on school work. All your progress in the game is lost. What would you do?
  • Someone you thought was a friend accuses you of doing something you didn’t do and blasts it out on social media. How would you react?
  • You just found out that a youth group event you’d been planning for and REAALLLLYY looking forward to was cancelled at the last minute due to circumstances outside anyone’s control (hmm… relatable). How do you respond?



We are giving up so much for this pandemic. Schools are closed, events and concerts are being cancelled, sports seasons postponed or cancelled, and social distancing is preventing us from hanging out with our friends and doing all the things we want to do. There is a lot of anger bubbling up as more and more things are taken away and we feel powerless to do anything about it. That’s a natural reaction, but it can cause problems if it’s left unchecked. Let’s talk a bit about that anger and some things we can do about it.

Read Ephesians 4:26-27, James 1:19-20, Ecclesiastes 7:9, Psalm 37:8-9, and Psalm 4:4 together.

  • Is anger itself a sin? Are there times that it is okay to be angry?
  • When does anger become a problem?
  • What is your usual “go-to” response when you’re angry? Do you use sarcasm, harsh tones, or yelling? Do you withdraw, avoid people, and clam up?
  • What are some healthy ways to deal with anger?
  • How can we turn our anger into something productive, to shine a light or minister to others?
  • What are specific ways we can pray when we’re angry?

It’s completely natural to feel anger in a situation like we’re experiencing now, but don’t let that anger fester and cause you to sin. The best tool to help you deal with anger is prayer – talk to God about what’s hurting and ask for help. Then, talk to your parents, talk to a friend, talk to your youth pastor or small group leader, just talk to someone instead of keeping it all inside. Other healthy ways to cope with anger are exercise, getting outside in nature, listening to music, journaling or writing, drawing or other creative outlets, taking a “timeout” when needed, using humor (coronavirus memes are everywhere!), and practicing relaxation skills.  Be there for your friends as well – check in on them to see how they’re doing and offer a listening ear if needed.


Today’s Family Resource for Growing Together is written by Leah Hinds, a youth worker in Lexington, SC.