Spring 2021 Seminars

All seminars will be held on Saturday, March 13, 12:30 – 1:30 pm. Students can sign up for their choice of seminar session at registration check-in Friday night or Saturday morning.

  1. Training for Godliness – Hallie Langston

Have you ever had to train for or consistently practice something before? If you have, you know you cannot master something by only working at it a few times a year. It takes intentionality and persistence to get better. Similarly, in 1 Timothy 4, Paul challenges Timothy to train himself to be godly because godliness has value for all things. In this seminar, we will dive more into 1 Timothy 4 and look at how you can continue to follow Christ AFTER you leave Modgnik this weekend, why it’s important, and what it practically looks like.

Hallie is on staff at Biltmore Church in Asheville, NC. She loves good coffee, the mountains, hiking, and helping students navigate what it looks like to passionately love and follow Jesus.

2. Justice, Kindness, + Humility: Living Micah 6:8 in Today’s World – Breanna Peterson

“Do justice, love kindness, and walk in humility…” Micah 6:8 is well known and often quoted in Christian circles. But how do we obey these commands in a world full of brokenness, suffering, hate, and pride? We will dig in to scripture and find out together.

Bre is a former missionary and youth worker who now serves on staff at a church in her hometown of Brevard, NC. Bre is married to Chet, and is mom to two wild boys, Archer and Rowan.

3. Our Response to Sin, Temptation, and the Devil – Chet Peterson

In my seminar, we are going to discuss the schemes of the devil and how we should respond to them through the work of the Spirit. So often Christians treat Satan as a victim and do not respond to him and his ways with intensity and ferocity. Satan is not someone who should be treated nicely and our Savior will destroy him. We will discuss practical ways to overcome sin and temptation, drawing close to our Lord and away from the enemy.

Chet is the former Youth Director of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Hendersonville, NC. Before Hendersonville, he lived in Lexington where he served with the Lexington Presbyterian Church youth ministry. He loves teaching and giving students opportunities to grow closer to Christ.

4. The Ultra-Spiritual Goo Packet For the Ultra-Spiritual Journey – Trevor Allen

If a random stranger came up to you and asked you to put a blind fold on, stick out your hand, and then told you to take a bite of something they gave you… would you do it? I HOPE NOT; you don’t know what it could be?! When you hear someone tell you to read your Bible it might feel that way…Why do people want me to read the Bible? Is there any use in reading? I actually don’t even know what the Bible is? Come check out what the Bible is, what it’s for, and how to sit down and feast on God’s Word without getting bored or forgetting what you just read.

Trevor is a southern California native that has recently relocated to Columbia, SC. As the Director of Discipleship at Columbia Presbyterian Church, Trevor is passionate about seeing the people of God, feast on the word of God, as they become more and more conformed into the image of God.

5. My Story of Depression and Hope – Taylor Gordon (Sorry, No Lexington Pres Students)

 Do you want to help people who are feeling down or lonely? Or maybe you experience depression or the blues? I hope you will come to this seminar where we will talk about my story, depression, the Psalms, when to get help, and how to be a helper. And then we will soak it all in the hope given to us in Jesus Christ.

 Taylor is the Director of Youth & Families at Lexington Presbyterian Church. He has been doing youth ministry for 10 years. He loves Takis, seeing students grow into student leaders, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, the smile on his son’s face, the color blue, and coffee.